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Nelson Bayford

Nelson Bayford

Business Broker
International Franchise Specialist

Nelson Bayford

Nelson Bayford has a passion for business. Nelson's 35 plus years of experience includes real estate, financial services, business brokerage and franchising, both as an owner and advisor. Nelson started his career in Real Estate in Alberta. Nelson is a graduate of the Canadian Securities Institute (C.S.C). Nelson has structured and promoted several Joint Ventures and Private Equity Placements in Canada and Internationally.

Nelson understands the negotiation process of buying and selling a business. The first essential step in a successful transaction is a Business Market Valuation, as a basis for negotiation between seller and buyer. Business Finders proprietary streamlined Business Market Valuation is straightforward, and to the point.

From a buyers perspective Nelson recognizes that owing your own business, often, is as much about lifestyle preferences and family goals as it is about the numbers. While first and foremost a business must be profitable to succeed, it is also important that a business is the Right Match in context of the buyers natural talents, acquired skills, passions in life and financial capacity. In other words, finding the business or franchise that is the Right Match is a critical component for the success of your business.

Nelson is eager to meet with you to discuss " in full confidence" the sale of your business. Or if you are a buyer looking for your first business or franchise, or looking to expand your current business, tell me what you what you want and we will find it. Nelson enjoys public speaking and is known for his positive outlook on life and ability to coach inspire others, to achieve their goals.